Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The CW's First Gay Geek!

Last night, on the Season Five premiere of The CW's reality competition series, Beauty and the Geek, viewers were introduced to Greg, a self-proclaimed "Gaysian" who was upfront about his orientation with the cast from the very beginning.

This is Beauty and the Geek's first gay geek, which isn't too surprising, as past seasons of Geek have been about pairing beauties with geeks in (potentially) romantic couples. However, Season Five has a twist, in which the gorgeous, dim-witted gals will compete against the nerdy smart guys. It's men vs. women, and the winner is anyone's guess.

The CW has a strong track record of including LGBT people in its reality series (Think America's Next Top Model and The Pussycat Dolls: Girlicious) so we're happy to see that the opportunity to include a gay contestant on yet another unscripted show was not missed.

Of course, the girls immediately take to the sweet-natured Greg, affectionately calling him "Greggy" and letting him sleep in their rooms. In a tender scene, Greg opens up to Leticia and Cara. He begins crying as he wails, "I don't know if I'm, like, geeky enough to be a geek. All the other geeks are, like, so smart, and I'm, like, the artistic gay guy."

Clearly moved, Cara, an aspiring soap star, tells the camera, "He's not just a gay guy and he's not just a geek. He's Greggy, and he should be proud of who he is."

Ne'er a truer word spoken, Cara.

Greggy just may have the win in the bag. "Geeky enough" or not, Greg certainly was smart enough to befriend the ladies right off the bat. After all, it's the girls who decide which of the geeks will be eliminated, and unless he really fouls up, Greg's not going anywhere.

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