Monday, March 24, 2008

Gossip Girl ups its inclusivity

Michael Ausiello (over at has a huge scoop! Looks like the CW's Gossip Girl will soon have more gay representation than just Blair's infrequently appearing gay father... In the April 21 return of the show, a male character will be revealed as gay!

Ausiello's clues include the following:
- The revelation significantly impacts the lives of at least three people.
- The aftershocks will be felt on both sides of the East River.
- Some viewers will be surprised by the twist, others not so much.
- In the Gossip Girl novels, Dan was known to be a bit of a switch-hitter, a fact which may or may not be relevant.

Early online speculation seems focused around Serena's brother, Eric (seen at right). If true, it would not be the first gay role for the actor, Connor Paolo, who played a young Alexander the Great in Oliver Stone's Alexander.

Tune in on April 21 to find out who it is!

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