Monday, March 3, 2008

Only Four Hours of Splashley Remain!

Confession time: I am a straight 30-year-old woman, and the sapphic teen soap South of Nowhere is one of my all-time favorite shows. When The N is running new episodes, I am running to my TV every Friday to check in with Spencer and Ashley and the latest trials and tribulations of their rocky romance.

That's why it saddens me to learn that the series has not been renewed for a fourth season.

South of Nowhere was a breakout hit for The N when it debuted in 2005, consistently boasting ratings nearly equal to the network's juggernaut Degrassi: The Next Generation. The drama's first two seasons were nominated for GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Television Drama, which is remarkable, as the "little drama that could" was battling for attention with the likes of ABC's Brothers & Sisters and Showtime's The L Word.

Though our beloved Splashley will sorely be missed, lucky for us, The N will be wrapping up their story in the series' eight final episodes, slated to air April 11, 2008.

Not good enough for you? Let your fingers do the talking and join the folks over at and let your voice be heard!


SandraHerrera said...

This is awesome for you to have written about this and give a plug to the campaign. Spencer & Ashley have done so much for so many people.

Just wanted to point out though..
That it's SPASHLEY, not spLashley.
That way people can go to and not

thanks again for writing this! :)

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