Thursday, February 28, 2008


A beautiful young transwoman made the impossible possible last night by bringing together two of my faves into one magical TV hour: Oprah and America's Next Top Model.

But how?
you ask.

The answer is: Angelika.

Angelika was a featured guest on the GLAAD Media Award-nominated episode of Oprah entitled "Born in the Wrong Body." In the hour, she candidly talks about her difficult childhood and confidently tells Oprah about how her life has changed for the better since her transition.

Last night's episode of Top Model involved a fashion shoot designed to highlight the problems facing homeless youth. The model hopefuls had to pose among young girls who have faced homelessness. And who should I spy, but the gorgeous Angelika, looking like a model herself!

Check her out in the picture above: she's the one on the far right, looking so totally fierce and definitely out-posing the girl we're supposed to look at.

Cycle 11 should be casting soon, Angie. How 'bout giving Top Model a try?

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