Monday, February 4, 2008

Gay Content in Superbowl Ads?

Our friends at have put together their picks of Superbowl ads which feature LGBT content. Or do they? Postings on YouTube show just how divided people are on Commercial Closet's choices and whether much of the content could even be considered remotely gay. In one spot, Justin Timberlake's pal, SNL's Andy Sanberg, briefly plays himself as a Justin stalker in a Britney wig. Gay? Trans? C, none of the above?

What's clear is that there isn't really a Snickers ad in the bunch. After last year's male liplock=violence theme led to the entire campaign being scrapped, advertisers seemed to step cautiously into any territory that could be considered gay, or specifically, violence against gays.

But's Michael Jensen, who jokes that his hat may have been screwed on too tight during the game, interpreted gay violence in two ads: One, a Bridgestone spot where a driver seems to have his eyes set on running down Richard Simmons (who is not out and has said in the past he's not gay). The second is a Fox Prison Break promo where the scumbag character of T-Bag (a sexual predator both in and out of prison, leading Jensen to label him bisexual) is flattened by players on the Superbowl field. If Jensen was looking to engage his readers it worked; by days end many readers posted that yes, his hat probably was screwed on too tight.

But why read what the Monday Morning Quarterbacks had to say when you can watch and decide for yourself here:

Wouldn't it be nice if Orbitz just aired one of its gay-inclusive ads during the Superbowl? Now that would be progress.


Mark D. Snyder said...

The Pepsi ad with Justin Timberlake is quite obviously using drag/crossdressing/gender variance for a laugh. Shame on you for not recognizing it and condemning it.

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